Anthony Jackson

Anthony Jackson

Software Architect

Berkeley Ave Bryanston, Johannesburg, Gauteng, RSA, 2191
074 576 5000




Software Architect and entrepreneur with 7+ years industry experience specializing in technology research and framework development. I seek to build lasting software with the most relevant technologies. Design and consulting are key to my development process, supported by actively researching new technologies, and maintaining quality feedback channels to application system actors. I embrace novel projects, and love adapting to new situations!

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Director & Software ArchitectBetaplum

    Nov, 2015 - Present1 year 1 month

    Started a service based software development company to effect positive change in the world by building platforms that assist in bridging gaps present in our society and economy.

    • Built a code generation framework

    • Built three web development software stack in React, Angular and Cycle.js

    • Extensive research in company business process management

  • Software Architect & Head of Innovations, Pattern Matched Technologies

    Jan, 2012 - Jan, 20153 years

    Erlang component and framework developer and project lead on PMT Amberâ„¢.

    • Worked with Push/USSD, SMS, Solaris, ISO8583, IMSI

    • Exposure to leading brands such as Standard Bank, Mr Price, Econet, Clicks, among others

    • Lead developer on a number of solutions for the above mentioned clients, with codebases of 100000+ lines

  • R&D Software Developer & Company Partner, Netlinkz/Secron

    Sep, 2010 - Dec, 20122 years 3 months

    Full partner and sole developer in a start-up security software project, which utilized image analysis (human recognition) on thermal and high-resolution cameras, RFID tracking, InfraRed devices, streamed through a custom built mesh networking platform.

    • Developed a touch screen framework utilizing C# Winforms, similar to mainstream Windows Metro interface.

    • Gained experience in image analysis utilizing C++ OpenCv libraries, with an emphasis towards human recognition.

    • Underwent extensive research with thermal cameras and Passive InfraRed devices for use in security systems.

    • Further researched RFID tracking technologies

    • Built a mesh networking library on JeeNode platforms (Arduino) capable of handling 1600 message per second, with a potential node maximum of 2000.

    • Developed a fully functional Arduino alarm panel for use in POC.

  • Technical Consultant & Set-up Technician, Computers4Africa Project

    Jan, 2008 - Jan, 20102 years

    I worked with a group of volunteers to install 500 computers in 5 schools over long range wireless and dense networking infrastructure.

    • Personally developed automated Ubuntu workstation provisioning server

    • Exposure to cross site network managment

  • IT Administration, TravelAir (Travel Agency)

    Jan, 2008 - Jan, 20091 year

    Managed a Microsoft environment with 7 workstations and 2 Linux servers



  • Primary languages
    JavaScriptErlang/Elixir C#Enterprise Bash
  • Secondary languages
    C/C++Arduino PythonScalaJava
  • Web Technologies
    JavaScriptHTML 5 CSS 3MVCREST Materialanimate.css
  • DevOps
    DockerPuppet ConsulTerraform
  • JavaScript
    Vue.jsNode.js Angular.jsjQuery BootstrapReact.js BabelRamdaRxJS Cycle.jsExpressSocket.io
  • Database
    MySQLPostgreSQL Neo4jMnesiaAWS DynamoDB MongoDBRedis
  • AWS
    EC2RDS S3LambdaCloudFront Direct ConnectRoute 53 IAMAWS IoTSQS SNSSES
  • Project Management
    AgileJIRA GitHubMS Project TrelloSlackGit
Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Technical Consultant, Rotary International

    Apr, 2016 - Present

    Engage in discussions for IT infrastructure advancement and projects to uplift the community.

  • Technical Consultant & Set-up Technician, Computers4Africa

    Jan, 2008 - Jan, 2010

    Installing donated computer hardware into schools in Zimbabwe



  • Research

    Software Development Patterns Crypto CurrenciesSocial Platforms
  • Health

    Martial ArtsSquash Intermediate DieticianAlternative Medicine


  • Bryce Mc Willaims

    An intellectual and great team player. Always willing to go above and beyond what's required, it was a pleasure working with him.